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生活大爆炸 第三季:第20集 潘妮和莱纳德余情未了(上)

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Oh, damn, they canceled my Visa. Oh, yay, a new MasterCard! What?
靠 我的维萨卡被撤了 哦也 新的万事达卡 干嘛
I was going to get my mail.
Okay. Are... are you hoping to get it telepathically?
拿啊 难道你想通过心灵感应来拿吗
I think you mean telekinetically.
And no. I just wasn't sure of the proper protocol now that you and Leonard are no longer having coitus.
不是 我只是不确定用哪种社交礼节 因为你和莱纳德如今不交媾了
God, can we please just say "no longer seeing each other"?
老天 你就不能说"不再见面交往"吗
Well, we could if it were true. But as you live in the same building, you see each other all the time.
那得真的不见才行 可你们住在同一栋楼里 低头不见抬头见
The variable which has changed is the coitus.
Okay, here's the protocol: you and I are still friends, and you stop saying "coitus."
咱来定个协议 你我继续做朋友 还有你别再说"交媾"
Good, good. I'm glad we're still friends. Really?
好啊 我很高兴我们还是朋友 真的吗
Oh, yes. It was a lot of work to accommodate you in my life.
当然 适应你出现在我日常生活中可花了我不少功夫
I'd hate for that effort to have been in vain. Right.
而我很讨厌白费功夫 好吧
Just to be clear, do I have to stop saying "coitus" with everyone or just you? Everyone.
再问清楚 我不能跟所有人说交媾还是只是不能跟你说 所有人
Harsh terms. But all right, I'll just substitute "intercourse."
协议条款真苛刻 不过没关系 我可以用"性交"代替
Great. Or "fornication."
这下好了 或者用"私通"
Yeah. But that has judgmental overtones,so I'll hold that in reserve.
但这个带有批评色彩 还是作为备用吧
So, how you been?
Well, my existence is a continuum, so I've been what I am at each point in the implied time period.
我的存在是个连续统一体 所以在指定期间的每个时间点都是一样的
You're just coitusing with me, aren't you? Bazinga.
你就是逗我玩 是吧 逗你玩
How's Leonard doing?
He seems all right.
Although he does spend a disturbing amount of time looking at photographs of you and smelling the pillow you slept on.
但他花了很长时间盯着你的照片 嗅着你枕过的枕头
Oh, but now that I think of it, he asked me not to tell you that.
我想起来了 他叫我不要告诉你
I'll pretend I didn't hear it.
I'd rather you pretend I didn't say it.
I see you bought Mama Italia marinara spaghetti sauce. Yep.
你买了意大利妈妈大蒜意粉酱 对
That's the sauce my mother uses.
She likes cooking Italian because according to her, that's what the Romans made Jesus eat.
她喜欢意式烹饪 她说罗马人也这么做给耶稣吃
Interesting. I'll have to have you over for spaghetti some night.
有意思 我改天晚上叫你过来吃
I'm hungry now.
Oh. Um, okay. Why don't you give me an hour and come over?
好吧 那一小时后过来吧
Will you cut up hot dogs into little chunks and mix them in with the sauce?
I don't have hot dogs.
Oh, it's all right; I do. Oh! You're in for what my mother calls "a real Eyetalian treat".
没关系 我有 你就要做我妈妈所说的"美意大餐"
Hey, where you been?
I was talking with Penny.
What's wrong with you? You can't hang out with your roommate's ex. That's totally uncool.
你怎么能这样 你不能和室友的前任一起玩 这未免太逊了
No, it's fine. I don't care. I'm over it.
没关系 我不在乎 我已经走出来了
Yeah, he's over it; that's why he's been whining all day about trying to invent that memorywiper gizmo from Men in Black.
对 走出来了 所以他整天都在怨念要发明《黑超战警》里的洗脑装置
Is he making any progress?
Because I'd like to erase Ben Affleck as Daredevil. So would Ben Affleck.
The point is, in a situation like this you got to pick sides.
重点是 面对这种情况你得做出选择
You're either on Team Leonard or Team Penny.
要么选莱纳德队 要么选择佩妮队
Which one picks last? What?
哪个是选剩下的 什么
Well, usually I'm on the team that picks last. Unless there's a kid in a wheelchair.
我通常都只能在选剩下的那队 除非有坐轮椅的孩子一起玩
Sheldon, I got you your tangerine chicken. I hope you're hungry.
谢尔顿 我给你买了陈皮鸡丁 你应该饿了吧
Well, of course I'm hungry.
And as I have no plans to eat with any other team, I will consume my tangerine chicken with the appropriate gusto.
而且我没打算跟别的队吃饭 我会津津有味地吃光陈皮鸡丁
Okay. Just out of curiosity, do we still have hot dogs?
好吧 只是出于好奇 我们还有热狗吗
I don't know. Why?
不知道 怎么了
Just making dinner conversation. Go, Team Leonard!
吃饭时随便聊聊而已 加油 小莱队
Oh, God, this is good.
啊 太好吃了
Let me ask you a question.
Do you believe you're going to go to hell for eating sweet and sour pork?
Jews don't have hell. We have acid reflux.
犹太人不相信有地狱 我们相信有胃酸倒流
Do you want the last dumpling, Sheldon?
你要吃最后一只饺子吗 谢尔顿
Certainly. It's not like I have to moderate my food intake because I'm planning on eating again very shortly.
当然 我又没有因为很快要吃第二餐而故意限制食物摄入量
So, you guys want to do something tonight?
Nah, I can't. I got to pick up my mom from her water aerobics class.
我不行 我要去水中有氧运动班接我妈
18 overweight women flapping their arm fat in a swimming pool. Looks like the manatee tank at Sea World.
十八个超重妇女在游泳池里甩着肥大的手臂 就像海洋世界里的海牛
What about you, Raj? Oh, there it is: now that you don't have a girlfriend, you want to hang out with me again.
你呢 拉杰 这算什么 你没有女朋友了 就又想跟我玩了
I never stopped hanging out with you.
Oh, please, we all know I'm the friend you call when you have no other options.
少来了 大家都清楚你没有人了才会来找我
If we were the Justice League, I'd be Aquaman.
如果我们是正义联盟 我就是海王子
I wish you were Aquaman. Then I could send you to scoop my mom out of the old lady tank.
我倒希望你是海王子 我就能派你去老人池里把我妈舀出来
Excuse me, I'm thirsty, so I'm going to go to the refrigerator and get myself a refreshing beverage.
抱歉 我渴了 我要去冰箱里拿点清凉饮料喝
You know what? I'll just spend the evening alone.
算了 我今晚就一个人过吧
What, suddenly I'm not good enough for you?
怎么 我突然就不配陪你了
I do so love beverages.
Now I think I'll take my afterdinner walk.
Since when do you take afterdinner walks?
Yeah, since when do you take walks?
I read a study online that walking after a meal not only aids in digestion, but increases serotonin,
我在网上看过一篇论文 饭后百步走不仅有助于消化 还能增加5羟色胺的含量
and you know me, if there's one thing I like more than a refreshing beverage, it's serotonin. Byebye.
而且你们也知道的 如果说相比提神饮料我更喜欢什么 那肯定就是5羟色胺了 拜拜
Hold on. I'll walk down with you.
等等 我和你一起走
That's not necessary. You can go first. Or we could go together.
没那个必要吧 你先走吧 要么咱俩一起走
I can't think of a reason why not. Let's go. Hold on. Nope, no reason.
我想不出什么理由拒绝你 咱们走吧 等一下 没事 我还是想不出什么理由
I've missed you.
All right, say hello to your mother for me. Okay.
行了 代我向你妈妈问好 行啊
What? You said you were going for a walk.
干嘛 你刚说你要去散步的
I didn't say outside.
So what, you're just gonna walk up and down the stairs?
然后呢 你就打算来来回回地跑楼梯吗
No, of course not. That would be odd and suspicious behavior.
不会 当然不会 那样的话就太可疑了
Here, Russell! Here, boy! Which way are you going?
到这儿来 拉塞尔 过来呀 宝贝儿 你往哪边走
Which way are you going?
你 往哪边走
I parked my scooter down the block.
I'm going the other way. Bye. Bye.
我走另一边 拜拜 拜拜
Actually, I'm this way.
Do I smell hot dogs?
No. I mean, I have no idea what you smell.
不是 我是说 我不知道你闻到了什么
I definitely smell raw hot dog.
Perhaps you're getting a brain tumor.
All right, have a nice walk.
好了 散步愉快
I shall. Have a nice scoot.
我会的 祝你开车愉快
You might want to stand back. I'm sitting on top of 13 horses here.
你最好站开点儿 寡人的坐骑有13马力呢
Oh. Hello, doggie. Nice doggie.I bet you think you smell hot dogs. Look, a cat!
你好啊 狗狗 乖狗狗 估计你是闻到热狗的香味了 看 有猫咪
Penny? Penny. Penny. Here. I had to trade the others for my life.
佩妮 佩妮 佩妮 给 剩下的热狗被我拿去保命了
Hey, Leonard? Yeah? I haven't had sex in a year.
喂 莱纳德 怎么了 我有一年没做爱了
Where you going with this, Raj?
你想干嘛 拉杰
Don't flatter yourself, dude.
别自作多情了 老兄
I want to go out and meet a woman. So, go. Well, I need a wingman.
我想出去找个女人 那就去呗 我要找个帮手
I don't want to come off like a lonely loser.
And you think my presence will help with that?
Well, I do. Next to you, I'll look like a catch.
对呀 有你在旁边 我有更有把握了
I'm not going out tonight, Raj.
我今晚不会出去的 拉杰
All right. Would you mind if I went to your room and downloaded some Asian pornography?
好吧 你介意我到你房间去下载几部亚系A片看吗
Very much. Doesn't have to be Asian.
非常介意 我可以不看亚系的
Don't worry. You'll meet a girl someday.
别担心 总有一天你会遇见一个好姑娘的
No, I won't. Yes, you will, and she'll be beautiful.
不可能的 绝对可能 而且还很漂亮
And kind and sexy and funny and everything you ever wanted in a woman.
善良 性感 幽默 绝对是你梦中情人的样子
You really think so?
I do, and you'll fall hopelessly in love and give her your heart.
没错 你会一发不可收拾地爱上她 向她敞开心扉
And she'll take it and grind it into pathetic, little pieces.
然后她会拿走你的心 残忍地撕成碎片
But we'll have sex first, right?
但我们到时候会先上床 对吧
重点单词   查看全部解释    
haven ['heivn]
n. 港口,避难所,安息所 v. 安置 ... 于港中,
curiosity [.kjuəri'ɔsiti]
n. 好奇,好奇心
digestion [di'dʒestʃən]
n. 消化,吸收,领悟 [生]细菌分解
disturbing [di'stə:biŋ]
adj. 烦扰的;令人不安的 v. 干扰;打断(dist
grind [graind]
vt. 磨,碾碎,挤压,压迫
vi. 磨得吱吱
substitute ['sʌbstitju:t]
n. 代替者,代用品
vt. 用 ... 代替
reserve [ri'zə:v]
n. 预备品,贮存,候补
n. 克制,含蓄
suspicious [səs'piʃəs]
adj. 可疑的,多疑的
pretend [pri'tend]
v. 假装,装作
adj. 假装的
accommodate [ə'kɔmədeit]
vi. 使自己适应
vt. 使一致,和解;提供